Tarping Systems and Tarpaulins
Tarping Systems and Tarpaulins
Tarping Systems and Tarpaulins
Tarping Systems and Tarpaulins
Tarping Systems and Tarpaulins

Tarping systems for
dump trucks
and dump trailers

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Bob Hild Enterprises, LLC has been in business since 1998. We have a wide variety of tarps/tarpaulins to suit any need from solid vinyl asphalt tarps, with or without side flaps, to mesh tarps for constructon debris, landscaping, or trash hauling. We also have available NYLON tarps that are made from a tough tear resistant NYLON material that can be used for asphalt, sand or gravel.

All these tarps can be made to fit onto a manual, electric, or hydraulic tarping system or can be just a square tarp thrown on.

The electric tarping system uses a motor to turn the tarp axel for rolling up the tarp for either a front to back or side roll tarping system.

The manually operated front to back ground crank tarping system uses a crank handle that has a chain that ravels through the handle and up to a rod with a sprocket that is attached to the tarp axle to roll the tarp.

Our tarping systems are made from aluminum and galvanized steel tubing with a variety of accessories such as wind deflectors that fits in front of the tarp axle to keep the air from getting under the tarp.

There are two spring mechanisms that hold the arms down on a front to back tarping system:

The side roll tarping system doesn't have any springs and is just rolled from side to side with an electric motor or manually with a long handle on the roll up tube attached to the tarp that rolls the tarp all the way to the other side where it curls under a long latch plate.

All these tarping systems are adjustable since all trucks and trailers are a different shape and length.